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Summer fruit nutrition


My favorite summer fruits are cherries and watermelon. Are they nutritious choices?


Fortunately, these popular summer fruits are not only delicious, they're nutritious, too.

Sweet cherries are full of vitamin C and dietary fiber, and rich in beneficial antioxidants. All that goodness for only about 90 calories per cup! Since cherries don't ripen after they're picked, select those that are plump, firm and shiny with green stems and no soft or brown spots.

As for watermelon, nothing beats a crisp, juicy slice on a hot summer day. Watermelon is surprisingly nutritious, contributing vitamins A and C, and potassium. It also contains lycopene, a beneficial antioxidant that contributes to watermelon's red hue.

As its name implies, watermelon is full of water. It contains 92 percent water by weight, the highest amount of any fruit, so it helps you stay hydrated on a hot summer day. Watermelon's high water content also helps fill you up for relatively few calories: a two cup serving contains about 100 calories.