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What are some fast and healthy meals to make during the hectic holiday season?
We're glad you're keeping good nutrition high on your list during this super-busy season!
You can make fast, family-pleasing meals that will leave you plenty of time for fun and festivities. The trick is to "assemble" meals with a little help from the pantry, fridge, freezer, microwave–and the elves at our stores.
Here are a few dinner ideas:
Stop by our Deli for a Signature Cafe® Whole Roasted Chicken. For sides, microwave "baked" potatoes (top with tangy fat-free Greek yogurt for a change of taste) and frozen spinach (toss cooked spinach with a little olive oil and a dash of nutmeg).

Double up your recipes. Make double batches of thick bean soup, lean beef stew or veggie-loaded chili and freeze enough for another meal. Accompany with fruit salad from our Deli and crusty whole-grain bread or crackers.

Bake a festive pizza. Layer a cheese pizza with red and green pepper strips (slice your own and toss with a bit of olive oil or use drained jarred pepper strips). Serve with a salad of pre-washed baby lettuce tossed with dried cranberries, slivered almonds and light poppy seed dressing.

Quick dessert ideas: Applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon or vanilla fat-free frozen yogurt topped with drained canned Mandarin oranges.
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