Nutrition Experts

My family is tired of chicken for dinner! What else can I serve that's quick, nutritious and tastes great, too?
Chicken's a great go-to meal, but your family clearly craves a change.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other easy high-protein palate pleasers. You won't run "afowl" with these ideas:

Tuna-topped chopped salad. Create a crunchy salad of chopped raw cauliflower, red bell peppers, cucumbers and onions tossed with your favorite light dressing. Crown it with drained canned tuna. For a fiber-rich protein option, replace the tuna with drained and rinsed canned cannellini beans (or any bean that appeals).

Surprise! It's soy. From burgers to bratwurst to riblets, there's an amazing array of soy products that taste great grilled or right from the microwave. Soy contains "complete" protein just like meat.

Bring on the beef. Lean cuts of beef become tasty and tender in slow-cooked dishes. For instance, make stew with bottom beef round roast and lots of veggies and let it bubble away on the stove.

Nutritionist Experts
Our Nutrition Experts are registered dietitians who hold master's degrees and are members of the American Dietetic Association and several specialty nutrition groups. They combine over 40 years experience in food and nutrition science, communications and counseling, the culinary arts and the development of nutrition education materials. They are quoted frequently in the national media and have written about nutrition for many major magazines, newspapers, and newsletters.