What We Buy

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What We Buy & Who Buys What
We employ Category Directors who devote themselves to particular product lines. These directors are experts in their fields.

Most of what Safeway buys from suppliers are products for resale in our stores. Typically, retail Category Directors will work in broad areas such as baked goods, pharmaceuticals, produce, floral, deli, meat, general merchandise and specialty foods to name a few.

Offering Services
In addition to merchandise, Safeway also purchases services, including:

General contracting, concrete work, construction management, design, electrical, excavating, air-conditioning, painting, electricians
Maintenance & Repair
Janitorial services, office machine services, landscaping and parking lot maintenance, plumbing, air-conditioning, painting, electricians.
Material & Supplies
Office machines and supplies, furniture and fixtures, mechanical and electrical equipment.
Tractors, trailers, vehicle maintenance, automotive supplies, contract hauling.
Material handling, equipment and parts, cleaning supplies.
Professional Services
Banking, auditing, consulting, architecture, legal, finance.
Promotional Services
Advertising, marketing, public relations, photography, printing.