Our Randalls Pharmacists offer a variety of comprehensive health screenings.* Once the results are in, they take the time to carefully explain the results and advise on recommended lifestyle adjustments and medications to help you take care of your health.

Stop by your local pharmacy and schedule a screening today.

Blood Glucose

When carbohydrate-containing foods are eaten, your body breaks them down into glucose to be used for energy. While everyone has glucose in their blood, those with prediabetes or diabetes should check blood glucose levels regularly to determine how well lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, are helping to make a difference.


While testing your blood sugar may give you a snapshot of what your blood sugar value is at that particular time and date, an A1c test will provide you with a gauge of how well controlled your blood sugar was over a 3-month period.

Blood Pressure

It is important to monitor your blood pressure to help prevent complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure. Since high blood pressure won’t go away without treatment and changes to diet and lifestyle, regular monitoring can help determine if you are within goal range.


Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is important for keeping a healthy heart. Cholesterol may come from what our body produces or from the foods that we eat. A simple finger stick test can assess your current cholesterol level and what additional steps may be recommended for you to improve your cholesterol.


*Health screenings not available in MA, ME, NV, RI, or VT. Restrictions apply.