No Time to Bake? Our hand-crafted treats are the perfect addition to your table.

No Time to Bake?

Our hand-crafted treats are the perfect addition to your table.

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Baking banana nut muffins with Open Nature gluten free almond flour

Bake it Your Way

Need a substitute? Find a wide variety of ingredient swaps and fresh flavors.

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A container of Country Crock original spread placed against a farm background

Bring the Country In

Slow-churned in Kansas for a delicious, country fresh taste you’ll love.

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Channel Your Inner Baker

Show a little love to your friends, family and colleagues with delightful treats you can make with the easy at-home baking recipes brought to you by your neighborhood Randalls. We've got popular summer baking recipes, delicious baking recipes and — for those who are new to the kitchen — easy baking recipes. Make a strawberry bundt cake or create the most decadent oatmeal you've ever tasted as the perfect dessert or snack every time.

Make sure you have every ingredient on your list by stocking up on the staples (and those ooey-gooey extras) necessary to bring your culinary visions to life. From dry baking essentials like flour and sugar to moisture-makers like eggs and butter to well-loved toppings like chocolate chips and marshmallows, Randalls offers convenient one-stop shopping. Need lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries or apples to add a dash of fruity freshness? Our produce department is stocked full of your seasonal favorites.

No time to bake? No need to worry! We have the bread, cakes and cookies to ensure you're the favorite in your household or at the party. Stop by today and level up your baking game.

Baking Recipes