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It’s Dad’s big day Serve favorites from steak and ribs to produce & more.

Our butchers are a cut above

With years of experience and passion for the craft, our in-store butchers ensure you get the perfect cut of meat for every occasion, from Friday night dates or sizzling summer barbecues to weeknight dinners and impressive holiday feasts.   

 Four ways your in-store butcher can make any meal more special: 

  1. Custom cuts: Need a specific size or thickness for your recipe? Our butchers are happy to customize your cuts to fit your needs. 
  2. Cooking confidence: Spot a delicious looking cut you've never tried? Our butchers can share tips, tricks and ideas to help you make the most of your selection. 
  3. Recipe recommendations: Need dinner inspiration? Our butchers are recipe rockstars and marinade masters. Explore our selection of pre-seasoned meats or ask for personalized recipe suggestions.
  4. Holiday help: Hosting a holiday? Our butchers are your secret weapon for a delicious, stress-free feast. They can help you calculate how much meat you'll need to feed your crew, plus offer prep tips to take your meal to the next level. 

Whatever you need, our passionate pros are happy to help! Stop by your local Randalls today to see how we're perfecting the art of fresh. 

Grilled corn

A flavor-packed crowd favorite.


An appetizer perfect for a warm day.

This Father’s Day 2024, it’s all about Dad!

Fire up the grill, it’s time to celebrate Dad! Shop at your local Randalls for your Father’s Day food ideas like steak and lobster, chicken and other meats for the grill. Is the grill the only way to celebrate? No, but the grill does give us a chance to deliver some delicious food finished off with a deep smoky flavor. Don’t forget the snacks for Father’s Day chips give everyone something to snack on while they wait for the rest of the meal.

Build Dad a surf and turf dinner for Father’s Day; it’s the best of both worlds. You can cook up steaks to Dad’s favorite temperature and throw potatoes on the grill for a loaded baked potato. Give the table plenty of choices for baked potato toppings, including sour cream, butter, chives, bacon and cheese. You can throw shrimp and lobster on the grill as well to complete the surf and turf dinner. Don’t forget the veggies they’re a perfect side to all of these big, bold flavors!

While everyone enjoys the food, don’t forget to buy a Father’s Day card. Our selection of Father’s Day cards include a variety of messages bound to capture the moment. Get everyone around the table to celebrate Dad with a wide variety of grilled meats, vegetables, seafood and even fruit. Shop at your local Randalls today for Father’s Day food ideas for a fun day to remember.