couponLink FAQs

What are couponLink Digital Coupons?
couponLink Digital Coupons are coupons which you select from our partner sites and once selected they are automatically added to your Club Card. In this way you don’t need to clip and carry paper coupons to the store. They are on your Club Card!
How do I sign up to download couponLink Digital Coupons directly to my Club Card?
You go to the Coupons Page on our site. Once there you will choose which partner(s) you would like to participate with and go to their respective site. Once there you will create an account with that partner and then start to clip coupons you want. These are then automatically downloaded to your Club Card.
Do I need a Club Card to participate?
Yes, the key to this program is that once you select the offer from one of our partner sites the offer will be automatically downloaded to your Club Card.
If I don’t have a Club Card how do I get one?
You download the Club Card application from our website.
I just signed up for a Club Card but when I try to sign up for couponLink I get a message saying that the card is not a valid card.
If you have a brand new card it takes approximately 5 business days before it is active for use on our couponLink partner sites. In the meantime it’s still usable for your regular in-store discounts.
Can I use my phone number to sign up for this service?
No, for security reasons we require the actual Club Card number. If you need help finding your Club Card number contact Customer Care. However, when you shop you will still be able to use your phone number at the register to use your Club Card coupon savings.
How are couponLink Digital Coupons and print-at-home coupons different?
They aren’t different other than how you get the offers – Print and carry to the store or direct load to your Club Card.
Are the offers the same for couponLink Digital Coupons and the current print-at-home coupons?
Not necessarily. Each of our Partners offer deals which are unique.
Are the print-at-home coupons available for download to Club Card?
Currently, no.
How long after an offer is “clipped” until it can be redeemed in-store?
It takes approximately 1 hour for the offer to be loaded to the Club Card.
Are these couponLink Digital Coupons available for doubling or tripling in applicable markets?
No, couponLink Digital Coupons are not eligible for doubling or tripling.
Can I combine coupons?
Yes, you can theoretically combine coupons. This can happen if a manufacturer offers a coupon to multiple coupon providers. However, the price will never go below zero.
How do I know if I received the discount?
The Digital coupon discounts show as a separate line item on the receipt. Look for: “Mfr eCoupon #.##-” below the item that was purchased.
What if I believe I didn’t receive the discount?
  1. Look for the Mfr eCoupon callout on the receipt for the amount you were expecting following each item.
  2. If the eCoupon callout doesn’t seem to be there compare the purchase that was made with the size, type etc. that the offer was for.
  3. If you still aren’t sure you received the expected discount you can either contact the provider of the coupon, Cellfire, or eSAVER who can research the redemption for that coupon; or, you can contact Customer Care who can further assist you.